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CH Health & Home Care Services Inc.

Health Care Professionals in Winnipeg, MB

At CH Health & Home Care Services, we believe in hiring only the finest health care professionals in Winnipeg, MB. Learn more about CH Health & Home Care Services and the people that make our company great.

Our Health Care Professionals

CH Health & Home Care Services Inc.

Our RNs have more than 45 years of progressive registered nursing experience. They have all demonstrated expertise and knowledge within the home care and community health fields. Their responsibilities in the company include the provision of assessment and nursing services to our clients, as well as health education, counseling, patient advocacy, and overseeing operations of the company to ensure the highest standards of service are achieved. Our RNs have demonstrated empathy and sensitivity to client needs while maintaining a professional and nonjudgmental approach. Every one of them has proven strength in communicating with people of varying ages, personalities, cultures, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

At CH Health & Home Care Services Inc., we understand the importance of providing individualized, custom care plans for each and every client that we have the honor to serve. When you come to us, we make sure that the health care services we provide is suited to the exact need of you and your loved ones. A one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work in a medical context, and our trained professionals are dedicated to your peace and safety.

Call today! Our great relationship with our clients is proof of our health care professionals’ dedication to the wellbeing of the people for which we care.

There’s an old saying that “hospitals are the worst place to get better”. At CH Health & Home Care Services Inc., we understand that having qualified, knowledgeable medical home care right at home is usually the best method to aid in recovery and provide a relaxing, healthy atmosphere. Most of your loved ones’ regular routines will not be changed, their environment will remain consistent, and very little disruption will be felt. This is in the best interest of all concerned, and especially that of our client. So when you’re looking for an experienced and skilled home care provider, look to our attentive home care company!

Contact CH Health & Home Care Services Inc. today and learn more about the attention we pay to our clients. Based in Winnipeg, MB, we serve throughout the area.